Best 7 Cocktails To Pair With Seafood [Must Try]

What drink goes best with seafood? Many don’t know that some cocktails can really make seafood taste better.

I tried different drinks with seafood and found seven great matches. These drinks really go well with seafood and make your meal special.

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Shrimp Cocktail and Bloody Mary

Shrimp cocktail is a classic seafood appetizer, and pairing it with a Bloody Mary enhances both the shrimp and the cocktail. The spicy, tangy flavors of the Bloody Mary complement the chilled, briny shrimp perfectly.

  • Origin: Coastal regions, popular worldwide
  • Taste: Briny and spicy
  • Famous for: Being a traditional starter
  • Best occasion to serve: Brunches or starter at dinners

Grilled Salmon and Pinot Noir Cocktail

Grilled salmon with its smoky, rich flavors pairs beautifully with a Pinot Noir cocktail. The fruity notes of the cocktail soften the robustness of the salmon, creating a harmonious balance on the palate.

  • Origin: Popular in regions known for salmon fishing
  • Taste: Smoky and fruity
  • Famous for: Main course appeal
  • Best occasion to serve: Evening meals

Oysters and Gin Martini

Fresh oysters need a drink that complements their delicate texture and sea-salt taste. A classic Gin Martini, with its crisp and slightly botanical flavors, matches the simplicity of oysters without overpowering them.

  • Origin: Coastal and estuarine areas
  • Taste: Salty and clean
  • Famous for: Being an aphrodisiac
  • Best occasion to serve: Romantic dinners or appetizers

Lobster Roll and Chardonnay Spritz

The creamy, rich taste of a lobster roll filled with tender lobster meat goes well with a Chardonnay Spritz. The spritz, with its bright acidity and subtle fruitiness, cuts through the richness of the lobster, refreshing the palate.

  • Origin: North Atlantic, especially popular in New England
  • Taste: Creamy and crisp
  • Famous for: Summer and beach meals
  • Best occasion to serve: Lunch or light dinner

Crab Cakes and Lemon Balm Mojito

Crab cakes, known for their crisp exterior and tender, flavorful meat, pair delightfully with a Lemon Balm Mojito. The herbal freshness of the lemon balm and the zest of the lime in the mojito complement the subtle flavors of the crab without overshadowing them.

  • Origin: Coastal regions, particularly popular in the Mid-Atlantic
  • Taste: Mild and herby
  • Famous for: Being a versatile appetizer or main dish
  • Best occasion to serve: Outdoor gatherings or as a dinner party starter

Seared Scallops and Cucumber Martini

The delicate, buttery flavor of seared scallops pairs exquisitely with the cool, refreshing taste of a Cucumber Martini. The martini’s clean and crisp profile enhances the scallops’ light texture, making for a sophisticated and elegant pairing.

  • Origin: Widely available in coastal areas
  • Taste: Light and refreshing
  • Famous for: Fine dining and gourmet cooking
  • Best occasion to serve: Formal meals or special occasions

Fish Tacos and Margarita

Fish tacos, with their vibrant and varied fillings, are perfectly matched with a classic Margarita. The citrusy punch of the Margarita harmonizes with the spiciness and the lime in the tacos, enhancing the flavors while adding a festive touch.

  • Origin: Coastal Mexico, popular worldwide
  • Taste: Spicy and citrusy
  • Famous for: Casual dining and beach fare
  • Best occasion to serve: Casual lunches, dinners, or beach parties


1. What cocktail goes best with seafood in general?
A classic choice is a Dry Martini, which pairs well with a wide range of seafood dishes due to its crisp and clean flavor, complementing the light and fresh tastes of seafood without overwhelming them.

2. Can I pair red wine cocktails with seafood?
Yes, lighter red wine cocktails, such as those made with Pinot Noir, can be paired with seafood like grilled salmon or tuna, which have richer flavors that can stand up to the subtle tannins of red wine.

3. What’s a good cocktail to serve with spicy seafood dishes?
For spicy seafood, such as Cajun-style shrimp, a sweeter cocktail like a Mojito or a Margarita can balance the heat with its sugar and citrus notes, providing a refreshing contrast.

4. Are there any cocktails to avoid when serving seafood?
Heavy or overly sweet cocktails might not be ideal as they can overpower the delicate flavors of seafood. It’s best to avoid cocktails with robust spirits or excessive sweetness when dining on lighter seafood fare.

5. What are some creative cocktail pairings for a seafood dinner party?
For a unique twist, try serving a Basil Smash with crab cakes or a Sake Martini with sushi rolls. Experimenting with herbal or Asian-inspired cocktails can add an unexpected and delightful element to your seafood dishes.

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