Best Cocktail Glassware Brands You Should Try in 2024

Cocktail glassware refers to the types of glasses used to serve mixed drinks and cocktails. Different cocktail glasses are designed to enhance the presentation and flavor profile of specific cocktails. The shape, size, weight, rim style, and material all impact the overall drinking experience.

The most popular and highest quality cocktail glassware brands for home use are Riedel, Luminarc, Luigi Bormioli, Crate & Barrel, and Schott Zwiesel. These brands offer durable and aesthetically pleasing glassware options for cocktails like martinis, margaritas, collins, coupes, rocks glasses, and more.

1. Riedel

Riedel is arguably the gold standard when it comes to fine glassware. The Austrian brand has been perfecting glass production for over 260 years.

Riedel’s sophisticated cocktail glasses feature elegant, seamless silhouettes and incredible clarity.

Choices include martini glasses, coupes, tumblers, and specialty shapes for various cocktails. While pricy, their glasses offer unparalleled quality, brilliance, durability, and performance.


  • Brilliant, lead-free crystal
  • Seamless pulled stems
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Specialized shapes for enhanced flavor
  • Family-owned company with generations of glass-making experience

2. Luminarc

Luminarc is a French glassware brand owned by the legacy glassmaker Arc Holdings. Luminarc produce an extensive selection of well-crafted yet affordable cocktail glasses.

Their options include classic martini and margarita glasses as well as contemporary designs. Many of their glasses showcase beautiful horizontal or vertical cuts.

Their materials and durability make them suitable for everyday use.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Extensive modern and classic glassware selection
  • Durable soda lime glass construction
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Beautiful cuts and detailing

Luigi Bormioli

Luigi Bormioli is an Italian glassware company with decades of expertise. Their sophisticated Parma line offers a quality cocktail glassware selection at an approachable price point.

The Parma cocktail glasses are made of SON.hyx crystal for impressive clarity and brightness. The lightweight feel is nicely balanced. Options include innovative shapes like their ergonomic Crescendo martini glass with a curved bowl. The overall brilliance and durability make a fine choice for home bars.


  • SON.hyx crystal with great clarity
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Innovative ergonomic shapes
  • Excellent dishwasher durability
  • Affordable pricing for real crystal
  • Made in Italy

Crate & Barrel

Known for contemporary housewares, Crate & Barrel offers many alluring and versatile cocktail glasses. Their designs appeal to a wide range of styles.

Choices range from innovative rounded shapes to mid-century and modern angular looks. Clean, sleek lines and thin rims characterize many of their glasses. Most designs are handmade using soda lime glass. While not crystal, the clarity and brilliance still impress at lower price points.


  • Trend-driven, contemporary styles
  • Handmade soda lime glass construction
  • Affordable pricing points
  • Durable for daily use
  • Range of shapes and rim styles
  • Great for design-conscious consumers

Schott Zwiesel

Schott Zwiesel is a German glassware brand under the larger Schott AG company. They use proprietary Tritan crystal instead of lead oxide for durability and brilliance.

Their Forte collection offers an extensive range of beautifully designed, versatile cocktail glasses. The glasses resist chipping, scratching, and breaking.

The shapes showcase cocktails with elegant simplicity. For an intermediate price point, Schott Zwiesel glasses make an excellent investment.


  • Made with lead-free Tritan crystal
  • High durability against breakage
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Timeless, versatile shapes
  • Intermediate price points

Buying Guide

Your choice affects how guests see drinks and can even change how the drinks taste. Here are important things to consider.


Brands that focus on quality often produce glassware that feels good to hold and enhances the drinking experience.

Design and Shape

Different drinks need different glass shapes. For example, martinis go in wide-topped glasses, while long drinks fit best in taller glasses. Choose a brand that offers a variety of shapes so you can serve each drink the right way.

The design also plays a big role in setting the mood for your gathering. Some designs are classic, others are modern. Pick what matches your style.


Price is important because you want to get good value without spending too much. Compare prices from different brands but remember, very cheap glasses might not last long or look as nice. Find a balance between quality and cost.

Brand Reputation

Some brands are famous for their glassware for a reason. They have a history of making high-quality products and keeping customers happy. Read reviews and ask for recommendations to find brands people trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I go with glass or acrylic glassware?

Glass is best for presentation and maintaining chill. Acrylic is very durable but can insulate cocktails from staying cold. The exception is using acrylic for outdoor barware.

Is handwashing better than the dishwasher?

Handwashing is gentler but modern dishwashers are fine on low heat if glasses are spaced apart. Avoid harsh heated drying cycles.

How many cocktail glasses do I need as a beginner?

A good starter set is 6 rocks glasses, 4 martini glasses, and 4 wine glasses. This covers you for spirits on the rocks, martinis/manhattans, and spritzes/fizzes.

What’s the difference between soda lime glass and crystal glassware?

Crystal contains minerals that increase brilliance and clarity. Soda lime offers great durability at more affordable pricing, but lacks the sparkle of fine crystal.

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